It begins…

Default Smiles Sharky, Sharky, come here.
Default Sharky What now. And what are you typing?
Happy Smiles I thought it would be great if we made a site!
Confused Sharky We?
Default Smiles We like to talk about books, right? Well I could type up what we say.
Default Sharky We?
Default Smiles And then people could read what we think!
Angry Sharky 3 Why are you still saying we?
Default Smiles Because we! You and me! I called you over so I could type up this conversation. It'll be the intro!
Surprised Sharky Wha- you're not even going to ask me about this?!
Happy Smiles Nope! Welcome to the internet!
Angry Sharky
Quiet Smiles Ah, he loves it. Look at him smile. … well, he's showing his teeth. Same thing.